Chipboard is unsuitable for domestic flooring, says DIY expert

Chipboard is unsuitable for domestic flooring, says DIY expertDIY Britons have been warned that chipboard is an unsuitable material for domestic flooring.

Writing for the Daily Telegraph, Jeff Howell explained that chipboard flooring, which is common in houses built since the 1980s, is an inherently unstable material which is "bound to sag" under its own weight.

"This causes the joints between adjacent boards to open up, and it is the edges rubbing against each other that cause the creaking," he noted.

However, despite thousands of complaints, Mr Howell said that the material continues to be used in most new-build houses because it is cheap and easy to install.

He added: "The only fool-proof solution would be to remove the chipboard and replace it with proper timber."

This is just one of the reasons why Britons should not buy new developer-built homes, Mr Howell said.

Meanwhile, Mark Huffman, writing for Consumer Affairs, claimed recently that in order to avoid a potential disaster, any DIY project needs to be carefully planned.

According to Mr Huffman, the success of a DIY project is determined by "planning and making the right decisions".

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