Gorilla glue launches new ‘super glue’

Gorilla Super Glue - lets-do-diy.comGorilla ‘Super Glue' will compliment the company's existing range comprising Gorilla Glue, Gorilla Tape and Precision Glue Pen - ensuring a high-quality solution for any DIY, woodworking or professional requirement.

Gorilla Super Glue makes a translucent bond that's impact-resistant. The new professional strength formula contains tiny rubber particles that give it impact strength to reduce the chance of the repair breaking when the object is bumped or dropped.

"There is a chemical reason traditional super glue bonds don't hold," says Dr. David Dunn, a research chemist involved in the development of the new Gorilla Super Glue, Impact Tough Formula. "When cyanoacrylates dry they don't flex, so any movement or stress on the glued item causes the bond to crack at the glue line."

Gorilla Super Glue can be used on nearly any surface from wood, metal, ceramics, some plastics, rubber and more.

Thicker than conventional super glues, it won't run when applied and flows better making it easier to use and control than most other super glues, especially on vertical surfaces.

Available in a 15gm bottle or a pack of two tubes (2x3gms) Gorilla Super Glue sets incredibly fast in just 20 - 40 seconds, with no clamping required. Projects then dry fast and last.

The bottle features an innovative air-tight design and anti-clog tip with a metal pin to ensure the nozzle is kept clean and the glue stays ‘fresh' for numerous uses, without drying.

Super Glue retails as just £6.49 for a 15gm bottle and £4.49 for a pack of 2x3gm tubes.

Products are now available from all good hardware stores, national retail chains and via the internet.

Gorilla Glue UK sales: Tel: 44 (0) 1257 241319. For more information visit www.gorillatough.co.uk

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