Henkel expands the Unibond portfolio into the DIY tape category

Unibond Tape - lets-do-diy.comThis June, Henkel are set to revolutionise the tape category - UniBond, the No 1 adhesive brand will launch a comprehensive new range of DIY and specialist tapes. Henkel are leveraging the UniBond heritage and success to expand the brand's portfolio.

The multi-layered UniBond DIY tape range comprises of eight tape sub-categories, including duct, masking and specialist tapes. The range has over 30 different product offerings meeting hundreds of consumer needs and wants around the house, the garden and the office.

Henkel are pushing the boundaries of the tape category with their new innovation and hero product, UniBond Power Tape. This is the first tape that adheres to wet surfaces and is 100% waterproof. UniBond Power Tape is made up of three triple powered layers which include a super strong adhesive; a toughened fabric layer; and a 100% waterproof layer. This new tape technology allows UniBond Power Tape to be durable for both interior and exterior jobs, ranging from mending hose pipes to guttering. It will be available in silver, black, white and clear.

Henkel have supported the launch of the UniBond Tape range with fresh new packaging to help consumers identify what tape or solution they need. These elements include colour coding for each tape category and high impact photography demonstrating how the tapes can be used.

Additionally, the new packaging format allows consumers to see, touch and feel the quality of the tape before purchase.

Dave McCann, Marketing Director for Henkel UK, said: "This new UniBond Tape range is set to strengthen the already popular DIY brand and will bring innovation to the category. UniBond is already the market leader in the sealants, tiling and grab adhesive categories* and we are confident that we will build on this successful performance within the tape category."

UniBond Tapes will be available from leading supermarkets, DIY and home improvement superstores, builder's merchants and selected UK independent stores from the middle of June 2010.

This year, Henkel are also supporting the UniBond brand as part of a £2.5 million four month advertising campaign that includes a special one-minute DIY feature on GMTV called ‘House to Home'.

UniBond Power Tape (50mm x 25m) - RRP £7.45

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