Baby-proof your home with simple DIY tricks

Baby-proof your home with simple DIY tricksBabies are curious creatures and if you don't make some basic amendments to your home, they could end up damaging furniture or injuring themselves.

To avoid both of these scenarios, you should baby-proof your property by carrying out some simply DIY jobs.

In an article for the Bellevue Reporter, expert Rebecca Cole said window guards are a good idea to prevent little ones from climbing up and out of them.

It may also be sensible to anchor bookshelves and chests of drawers to the wall with furniture brackets to prevent toddlers from pulling them over, she added.

Electrical items can also be potential hazards when you have a baby in the house, so Ms Cole recommended covering outlets and making sure wires are hidden.

She also suggested installing baby gates at the top and bottom of any staircases to block access when youngsters start crawling.

Other common baby-proofing home improvements include fitting stops to kitchen cupboards to prevent toddlers from opening them and installing lid locks on toilets for the same reason.

Posted by Barney Marshall

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