DIY skills 'should be taught'

DIY skills 'should be taught'Young people should be given the opportunity to attend classes to boost their DIY skills, the National Home Improvement Council (NHIC) has said.

Such skills are no longer being passed on from parents to children as they grow older and therefore young people are unable to undertake DIY projects, explained Andrew Leech, director of the organisation.

He added that hiring professionals to complete basic tasks such as adding an extra spur to the main circuit will only end up costing more money.

"Perhaps some of the education establishments ought to set up DIY evening classes for young people," Mr Leech suggested.

"[Home improvement companies] ought to be holding evening classes for young householders so they can learn ways of improving their house without having to call in the experts."

The comments come after a report from Halifax Home Insurance suggested that more than half of young people do not have the skills required to maintain their homes.

Posted by Jenny Summer

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