Even small DIY projects can help cut energy bills, expert says

Even small DIY projects can help cut energy bills, expert saysEven the smallest DIY projects can help boost a home's energy efficiency and thereby reduce the cost of heating, it has been argued.

While many of the bigger home energy efficiency projects such as the fitting of mini-turbines or solar panels require significant financial outlay, it is also possible for homeowners to carry out small tasks themselves on a tight budget.

According to Gordon Miller, sustainability and communications director of Sustain, though they may seem insignificant, simple measures can often lead to significant energy savings, thereby cutting down on utilities bills and a property's carbon footprint over the long-term.

"There are a lot of quick wins," he said.

"Making sure that your home is properly insulated doesn't really cost a lot. It costs only a couple of hundred pounds to make sure your attic is insulated and if £200 is a lot of money to you and you are on benefits, then you can grants these days."

He added that the typical household can expect to be making any money they spent on fitting insulation back in savings within the space of just one year.

These DIY tips come as the Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) has launched a new £3 million project aimed at making 26 million homes across the UK more energy efficient over the coming years.

Posted by Thomas Morris

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