Flooring 'says a lot about you'

Flooring 'says a lot about you'Homeowners have been advised on how they can choose appropriate flooring for their properties.

Robin Jeffers, owner of wood flooring supplier 1926 Trading, explained that choosing the right flooring is important because it can say a lot about the owner.

"With the wide range of styles and floors to choose from, it might be quite difficult to decide on what exactly you want, what you need and where to buy," he observed.

"[But] whatever climate, budget, space, and family unit (i.e. kids and pets) there is a perfect wood floor for you."

The flooring expert recommended that "no muss, no fuss" kind of people should consider oak for their floors because it offers a simple and clean look and also lasts a long time.

Meanwhile, people with families should consider wood flooring that offers resistance against accidents and scratches.

In addition, property owners who wish to go for something more luxurious can splash their cash on Old Floor Italy - the "crème de la crème" of wood flooring.

Posted by Thomas Morris

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