Garage conversions 'need special attention'

Garage conversions 'need special attention'Property owners looking to convert their garages into living areas have been advised to focus on a few key aspects of the building.

Construction firm Bespoke Lofts Ltd recommended that homeowners ensure that their garage conversions adhere to building standards.

The company explained on that doors, windows and walls must all be adequately supported.

In most cases, the article noted, this could require a new foundation to be constructed.

"The outside walls of your conversion must be waterproof and insulated," Bespoke Lofts advised.

"If the original garage walls are only of single brick thickness they can either be converted into cavity walls - if the foundations allow this - or the outside can be sealed and the inside lined."

Government regulations currently stipulate that planning permission is not usually required to convert a garage, as long as the work to be done is internal and will not result in enlarging the building.

Posted by Jenny Summers

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