Green buildings going underground

Green buildings going underground DIY projects to construct new rooms underground could become the norm in the future as experts believe homes under the earth are more energy efficient.

Many architects are attempting to bring underground 'Hobbit' homes into the mainstream, the Daily Mail reported.

Jerry Harrall, the founder of SEArch Architects, told the newspaper that a building sheltered by the earth is the only type that can "mitigate" carbon dioxide.

This means that the property absorbs carbon dioxide rather than generating it, unlike other buildings above the ground.

Mr Harrall explained that this is done by pulling in heat through south-facing windows and a green roof on the top.

Solar panels and thermal masses are other products the architect has installed to keep the property warm and energy efficient.

It is also sound-proof due the layers of concrete required to withstand its weight.

Mr Harall told the publication: "Since 1997 all the buildings I have designed have achieved zero heating."

Posted by Thomas Morris

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