How to install French doors

How to install French doors DIY projects to add French doors are not easy and require a lot of skill and patience, a building expert has warned.

Tim Carter of Staten Island in the US has given his top tips for installing French doors in homes.

In response to a question from a reader of Staten Island Live, the builder said that the first thing to do is to thoroughly inspect the new doors at the store.

"Look at the hinge side of the doors and see if the reveal or gap between the doors and the jambs is pretty close all the way around the door," he advised.

After this, DIY enthusiasts should assess the opening of the wall where the doors will fit and keep at least half an inch for this.

Other things to consider are whether the floors on either side of the door are level, Mr Carter noted.

He concluded: "Once your French doors are installed to your satisfaction and that of your significant other, you need to be sure they don't warp."

Posted by Barney Marshall

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