Kitchens 'are the new living rooms'

Kitchens 'are the new living rooms'Homeowners planning DIY projects may wish to turn their attention to the kitchen, as this particular space has been dubbed "the new living room".

In an article for the Manila Bulletin, expert Carlomar Daoana said that while kitchens were once solely devoted to preparation and cooking of food, today they have become a hub of activity in the family home.

And with open-plan living spaces becoming more popular, today's kitchens are often visible from other parts of the house, such as the dining room and the living room, so making it look its best is important.

"Now that the kitchen is in full view from any vantage point, it doesn't make sense to keep it staid and clinical," said the writer.

"In fact, there is now a conscious effort to bring the kitchen in resonance with space's overall design theme."

Installing furniture items such as breakfast bars in a kitchen could help bring the room to life, particularly if you don't have room for a dining table in yours.

Family members and guests will gravitate to the area and you can use it as an alternative space to eat and chat.

Posted by Jenny Summer

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