Solar panel installation 'adds value to home'

Solar panel installation 'adds value to home' Adding solar panels to houses can boost their prices, the National Home Improvement Show has said.

The claim could inspire more Britons to undertake DIY projects to install their panels in a bid to increase the value of their properties.

Michael Holmes, a spokesman for the show, said that retrofitting a home with energy-efficient products is the "ultimate" responsible refurbishment.

"Homeowners will not only see a financial gain with a bolstered market value, slashing bills and making a financial return, but are also making a strong contribution to the future homeowner and future generations," he added.

"[Installing] renewable … technologies in the home can add up to approximately five per cent to the retail value of a home."

The comments come after Clarence House confirmed that the Prince of Wales had received permission from Westminster City Council to install solar panels on the roof of the Grade II-listed building.

Posted by Barney Marshall

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