A third of over-50s in need of home improvements

A third of over-50s in need of home improvementsMore than a third of over-50s households are in need of DIY home improvements, according to a new survey by Saga.

The group found that 34 per cent of homeowners over the age of 50 need to carry out some form of repair work on their property.

Some 16 per cent of respondents said they need to fix their roofing, while 13 per cent named drainage and guttering as a necessary DIY project.

A further eight per cent said their central heating needs mending.

Over-50s households in London are most in need of property repairs, with 42 per cent claiming their homes require work.

By carrying out DIY home improvements, older homeowners could make their properties more energy efficient.

Indeed, fixing faulty central heating and replacing old boilers could help them reduce their heating bills dramatically.

Roof repairs could also result in savings by preventing heat from escaping.

Posted by Jenny Summer

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