DIY insulation saves money

DIY insulation saves moneyHomeowners can save money by laying insulation themselves, according to the managing director of the National Self Build and Renovation Centre.

Tim Doherty said loft insulation is a great place to start and claimed a DIY job can save around £300 on labour costs.

"It's not the nicest of jobs, but it is worth it," he insisted.

"For those who are more adventurous, you can lay floor insulation, which involves lifting up your floorboards, laying the insulation between the joists, then relaying the floor boards."

He claimed that this process takes around a week for the average size living room, so the savings can be quite significant in a large room.

In addition, fitting insulation will also allow homeowners to cut their energy bills and make their property more attractive to potential buyers.

Mr Doherty's comments come as the government prepares to launch its new green deal, which will allow homeowners and businesses to insulate their properties and recovery the costs through energy savings.

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