DIY projects 'need planning'

DIY projects 'need planning'Britons have been advised to do their research before undertaking a home improvement project.

Most people underestimate the time and effort it takes to complete DIY tasks, explained Tim Doherty, managing director of the Swindon-based National Self Build and Renovation Centre.

He added that most homeowners tend to refurbish their properties in a "reactive" manner rather than taking a more proactive approach.

"People always underestimate, on many levels - time, costs, effort, tools and materials needed, as well as the skills required," Mr Doherty observed.

"It always pays to plan and prepare properly, before you begin any DIY project. For larger projects, set a budget, shop around for materials, and do your research, and if you can, take advice from a professional."

The comments come after a report from insurer Churchill revealed that a large proportion of property owners do not undertake maintenance work to their homes, which can lead to damage caused by damp.

Posted by Jenny Summer

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