Eye protection warning during DIY

Eye protection warning during DIYPeople who undertake DIY projects have been advised to make sure their eyes are well protected during such tasks.

The College of Optometrists said that there are some 30,000 eye injuries each year due to DIY activities and urged Britons to be careful.

According to the institution, almost nine in ten people do not wear protective eyewear when completing DIY jobs.

Meanwhile, 45 per cent of enthusiasts do not know much about DIY but decide to try out such activities anyway.

Dr Susan Blakeney, optometric adviser to the College of Optometrists, said: "You only have one pair of eyes so it's vital to protect them when undertaking certain DIY tasks.

"Generally the rule of thumb is that if there is a risk of any foreign bodies entering the eye, wearing protective eyewear is essential."

The college recommended people check that their eyewear meets the European Standard BSEN 166 level of protection.

Posted by Barney Marshall

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