Install lights under the kitchen counter

Install lights under the kitchen counterDIY enthusiasts may wish to install under-counter lighting in their kitchens to reduce the harsh light other bulbs emit.

A home improvement expert from the US has advised people to ditch the fluorescent lighting that has become the staple of kitchens.

Responding to a reader query on, Debbie Travis said that there is no need to put up with this "cold blue-white light" anymore.

She explained that although these bulbs are more energy efficient than regular lighting, the ambience they create is not very pleasant.

LED bulbs, meanwhile, use even less energy than these but the bright and sharp light cast by them do not make interior rooms look attractive.

"The manufacturers of fluorescent lights came out with a softer, warmer light to meet the challenge, and you can now find LED lights that have been colour-corrected to provide a beautiful incandescent light," Ms Travis recommended.

"Under-counter lighting truly builds on the design elements of any kitchen."

Posted by Thomas Morris

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