Insulation 'an important home improvement project'

Insulation 'an important home improvement project'The need to properly insulate homes in order to cut their carbon emissions cannot be overestimated, according to one expert.

Anna-Marie DeSouza, editor of Built It magazine, said that as well as reducing heating bills, insulation also provides homeowners with a more comfortable living environment.

She pointed out that with building regulations due to change next month to include higher energy efficiency standards, insulation and other energy saving features will become even more important.

Ms DeSouza acknowledged that the up-front costs of fitting insulation can be expensive, in some cases it could save hundreds of pounds in the long-run.

"For those wanting to go a step further and considering trying out solar, air or ground source power, things are getting easier than ever before," she added.

"The proposals for renewable heat incentives are finally offering a more affordable way to install these technologies at home."

Her comments come after reported that 80 per cent of homeowners have done nothing to insulate their properties in the last three years.

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