Keep DIY project neutral to attract buyers

Keep DIY project neutral to attract buyersHomeowners looking to carry out DIY projects in order to attract buyers need to keep their decor neutral.

This is the advice of Andrew Leech, director of the National Home Improvement Council, who said it is important to be careful when introducing new colour schemes or furniture.

"You can innovate in the wrong direction and end up doing something which is completely wrong and which won't sell a house at all," he warned.

Indeed, some DIY projects could actually put off potential buyers, particularly if they reflect too much personal taste.

As a result, homeowners should stick to neutral colours and themes if they are decorating their home with a view to selling it.

"Don't try to impose your own character on the place," Mr Leech remarked.

"Keep it as neutral as possible so that whoever walks in through your front door can accept it on their own terms and not on your terms."

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