Partners 'should share DIY responsibilities'

Partners 'should share DIY responsibilities'Men and women should share equal responsibility for maintaining their homes and carrying out DIY, the National Home Improvement Council has claimed.

Andrew Leech, director of the group, said DIY is becoming something of a lost art among both genders.

His comments come after a survey by Bosch Power Tools revealed that almost eight out of ten women have carried out DIY in the home.

Of those, seven out of ten said they did so to save money on builders and decorators fees.

Mr Leech said that in some cases, women are carrying out DIY projects out of necessity because their partners can't.

Indeed, he suggested that more and more men are relying on their wives and girlfriends to do jobs around the home for them.

"In this day and age, everybody has to share the problem equally, whether it's doing the job or designing.

"Both partners in a relationship have equal responsibility for it," he insisted.

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