Bathroom home improvements make life easier for the elderly

Bathroom home improvements make life easier for the elderlyHomeowners with ageing family members may wish to consider doing DIY home improvements in their bathrooms to make them safer and more comfortable.

According to assisted bathing solutions firm Premier Care in Bathing, most accidents suffered by older people n the home occur on the bathroom.

Many baby boomers are therefore remodelling their homes now to make sure they can go about their daily lives safely as they age.

The company recommended laying non-slip flooring in the bathroom, such as carpet instead of hardwood, tiles or linoleum.

Installing walk-in baths and showers can also make the bathroom a more comfortable place for the elderly and infirm.

"Walk-in showers and baths should always be the main feature, as that's where you're more likely to spend time relaxing to lower blood pressure and sink into bliss," said James Clarke, a spokesman for Premier Care in Bathing.

Other bathroom DIY projects that homeowners could carry out to help older family members are fitting hand rails near toilets, showers and sinks and installing water temperature testers.

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