DIY failures 'shouldn't put you off'

DIY failures 'shouldn't put you off'People should not be put off doing DIY simply because previous projects have gone wrong.

This is the advice of Anna-Marie Desouza, editor of Built It magazine, who said homeowners should not give up if they want to improve their property.

"Just be prepared," she stated. "Get some advice and read up about the task before commencing.

"We've all had disasters in the past, but you learn from your mistakes and the next attempt becomes easier and more successful."

Her comments come after research from Clydesdale Bank and Yorkshire Bank showed that Britons spent £235 million last year correcting failed DIY projects.

Of those who suffered a DIY disaster, a quarter said the experience had made them wish they had never undertaken the project.

Ms Desouza said it is a "real shame" that people are put off doing DIY again because there can be a lot of joy in completing a task successfully.

Posted by Jenny Summer

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