Natural materials 'the best choice for DIY flooring projects'

Natural materials 'the best choice for DIY flooring projects'Homeowners carrying out DIY projects to transform the flooring in their home should perhaps consider natural materials.

According to interiors expert Yvonne Jones, they are the best choice for flooring because they look great and are also practical and hard wearing.

In an article for the Western Mail, she said she has reclaimed flagstones on her kitchen floor, and although they "bear the hallmarks of a long life" they are actually more appealing as a result.

"Unlike many manmade materials, natural goods look better once they have been lived in for a while," she claimed.

"Much like leather jackets that look far better when worn in than they do when they are pristine."

Ms Jones suggested using materials such as stone, marble, wood and slate in the home since they "exude warmth and texture" and are very easy to live with.

"For extra cosiness, just add a rug in vibrant colours," she advised.

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