Transform your bathroom with a few DIY quick fixes

Transform your bathroom with a few DIY quick fixesHomeowners don't have to completely redecorate their bathroom to give it a new look. A few simply DIY tricks can help to transform it quickly and easily.

An article for the Daily Mirror makes a number of suggestions that can be both inexpensive and effective.

The publication advised those with small bathrooms to re-hinge the door so that it opens outwards instead of inwards, improving both access and space.

Boxing in pipework can make the bathroom look tidier, while replacing the bath panel will give the space an instant facelift, it stated. Relaying the floor can have a similar effect.

Other top tips include displaying accessories such as towels to create a new colour scheme and replacing old tiles with new ones in vibrant tones.

"If you are not brave enough for an all-over colour, use coloured strip tiles to offset an expanse of plain white," the article recommends.

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