Charity launches Men in Sheds initiative for DIY enthusiasts

Charity launches Men in Sheds initiative for DIY enthusiastsIt's a well known fact that men love their sheds, particularly those who are into DIY and enjoying tinkering with their tools.

Now a charity is using this passion to bring older men together with a new initiative called Men in Sheds.

According to the Staffordshire Newsletter, Age UK Stafford and District is launching the project to help elderly males make new friends.

They will be able to meet like-minded individuals in a workshop environment, chat about their love of DIY and even practice their skills.

Those who are new to DIY will be able to learn from those seasoned in the trade.

Tracey Amos, a spokeswoman for the charity, said: "This is a great opportunity for older men to get together and be involved."

She added: "This project will improve the health and wellbeing of men around Stafford and District."

A survey carried out earlier this year by Cuprinol Sprayable revealed that the average men spend almost a year of his life pottering around in his shed.

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