Consider health and safety when doing DIY

Consider health and safety when doing DIYWhen embarking on a DIY home improvement project, it is important to take proper health and safety precautions, according to GP Dr Richard Deacon.

The expert told the Daily Mail that people often leap into decorating without thinking about the risks involved.

Paint fumes are one thing to consider. Dr Deacon explained that as paint dries, harmful chemicals can evaporate into the air. To avoid inhaling them, decorators should make sure windows are open to boost ventilation.

Taking regular breaks is also advised, as is wearing a respirator mask. Once the room is painted it should not be used until it is completely dry.

Sanding floors is another potentially risky DIY activity, as it produces fine dust which is easily inhaled, while wallpapering can cause irritations if paste comes into contact with the skin.

Installing insulation, tackling mould and laying carpets are all projects that require DIYers to take extra precautions.

"Decorating products need to be handled with care," he stressed. "You need to read the labels carefully. It's actually a bit like handling medicine."

Posted by Jenny Summer

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