Don't be scared to 'get stuck in' to DIY

Don't be scared to 'get stuck in' to DIYDIY beginners should not be afraid to "get stuck in" and have a go at simple home improvement tasks, according to one expert.

Anna-Marie DeSouza, editor of Build It magazine, encouraged newbies to start with easy jobs and learn from their mistakes.

Her comments come after a survey by online tradesman marketplace, which showed that 2.2 million men don't know how to change a lightbulb, while 3.5 would struggle to put up shelves.

Ms DeSouza said these findings are quite concerning, since people could be wasting hundreds of pounds calling in professionals to carry out tasks they could easily do themselves.

She advised novices to ask friends or neighbours to show them the ropes and to grab a DIY book and do some research.

"People really shouldn't be afraid to get stuck in," she remarked. "Minor tasks can be easily remedied if things go wrong."

"Get your partner or a friend involved too," she added. "Learning is always easier as a group activity."

Posted by Jenny Summer

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