Keep warm this winter with DIY insulation projects

Keep warm this winter with DIY insulation projectsHomeowners can keep warm this winter without investing in expensive new windows and cavity wall insulation.

As home improvement expert Jade Wright explains in an article for the Liverpool Daily Post, there are several budget solutions to creating a cosy nest.

She points out that thermal curtains can work well to keep draughts out and warm air in when it's cold outside.

"If you are having curtains made, ask for floor-length with a medium to heavy weight interlining and blackout or thermal lining, which all help to create a wonderful barrier against draughty windows," she recommends.

Ms Wright also says it's worth checking out companies that supply budget secondary window glazing, which can be self-installed.

This could be easier on the wallet that full double or triple glazing, yet may make a noticeable difference when it comes to winter heating bills.

Her comments come after researchers at the Edinburgh World Heritage Trust found that drawing curtains and closing shutters can be just as effective in retaining heat as fitting double glazing.

Posted by Jenny Summer

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