Modern men 'can't get to grips with DIY'

Modern men 'can't get to grips with DIY'Home improvements and basic DIY tasks leave millions of modern men baffled, according to a new survey by online tradesman marketplace

The research shows that both laziness and hectic lifestyles are to blame for the fact that 2.2 million can't even change a light bulb.

Some 3.5 million admitted they struggle to put up shelves, while 3.6 million are unsure how to wire a plug.

A further 3.7 million said they do not know how to bleed a radiator.

Other DIY tasks that cause modern men concern are changing fuses, building flatpack furniture and fixing leaky taps.

Commenting on the findings, Bal Mattu, founder of, said: "There was a time when you could rely on almost any man when it came to DIY jobs in the home.

"But it seems to be a sign of the times that nowadays, even the most basic of jobs like changing a light bulb or replacing a fuse are too difficult for some men."

A survey carried out by Bosch Power Tools earlier this year revealed that almost eight out of ten women have carried out DIY in the home, with many claiming they did so because their partner was incapable.

Posted by Barney Marshall

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