Outdoor DIY planned by half of UK households this Christmas

Outdoor DIY planned by half of UK households this ChristmasJust over half of UK households intend to carry out electrical DIY projects to make the exterior of their homes look festive this Christmas.

According to a survey by price comparison website Gocompare.com, some 52 per cent of families will be installing outdoor decorations in December.

Three million will be adorning their homes with lights and ornaments for the first time, perhaps encouraged by the effort their neighbours put in last year.

Indeed, outdoor decorations, which began as a festive trend in the US, have become a common sight across the UK at Christmas, with streets and towns eager to outdo one another with lavish designs.

The average household plans to spend around £236 on external embellishments for Christmas 2010, according to the survey.

However, it is important to get DIY electrical projects right, as the research also shows that 6.3 per cent of those who have put up outdoor lights have suffered problems with their electrics as a result.

A further 5.4 per cent have had an accident while putting up or taking down their decorations, highlighting the need to take extra care and use proper equipment.

Posted by Thomas Morris

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