Traditional DIY garden improvements proving popular

Traditional DIY garden improvements proving popularWhen it comes to making DIY garden improvements, the traditional look is coming back into fashion, it has been claimed.

Thomas Hoblyn from the Society of Garden Designers said that although wallflowers were considered "a bit of a 70s" plant, they are now proving popular.

"There is a big, strong revisit to this retro 70s and 80s feel about things that I have noticed this winter," he remarked.

"Chrysanthemums used to be considered really tacky, but now they are everywhere this winter."

Mr Hoblyn suggested that the recession might have had something to do with this new retro trend, as people are looking for "comfort plants".

The expert had previously recommended investing in some bedding plants such as pansies during the winter months to keep gardens looking bright and colourful.

Building raised beds could be a great idea to give gardens a facelift. Ms Hoblyn said bulbs can be planted in these areas, with snowdrops a popular choice.

Posted by Jenny Summer

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