Winterproof your home with DIY

Winterproof your home with DIYHomeowners are being urged to carry out a few DIY projects to protect their homes from harsh winter weather conditions.

With freezing temperatures, heavy rain and even snow forecast across the UK this weekend, charity Age UK is highlighting the importance of winterproofing.

It listed a range of jobs, both outside and inside the home, which could help families avoid emergency situations.

For example, clearing leaves and debris from guttering and drains can reduce the risk of blockages, while insulating outside taps can prevent them from freezing and possibly bursting.

The charity also recommended cutting back trees and hedges, which could blow over and cause damage to property in high winds, and sweeping chimneys to remove any soot build-up, helping fires burn more efficiently.

Indoor DIY projects include insulating lofts and pipes to retain heat, making sure boilers are in full working order and fitting carbon monoxide detectors.

Posted by Barney Marshall

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