Could DIY home improvements ease winter energy worries?

Could DIY home improvements ease winter energy worries?The high cost of energy is worrying many families this winter, but DIY home improvements could help them save money.

According to research by, seven out of ten UK homeowners are concerned about the cost of heating their homes.

Hikes in the price of gas and electricity coupled with the sustained cold snap have prompted fears about the size of their winter bills.

Coming so soon after a recession, this is putting considerable pressure on families in the run up to the festive season.

Almost three in ten said they are already struggling to meet energy costs. recommends switching to a cheaper energy deal to save money, but there are other things homeowners can do.

Simple DIY improvements, such as fitting draught excluders, laying loft insulation and fitting double glazing, can make a considerable contribution to conserving heat in the home, leading to smaller energy bills.

Posted by Barney Marshall

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