DIY insulation projects 'could save Brits £2.5bn'

DIY insulation projects 'could save Brits £2.5bn'Homeowners could save significant sums of money by launching DIY projects to fit loft and cavity wall insulation, it has been claimed.

According to research by, only 13 million of the 26.5 million homes in the UK have loft insulation, while just ten million have cavity wall insulation.

Those that have neither are collectively wasting almost £2.5 billion a year in unnecessary heating costs.

Lisa Greenfield, energy analyst at the price comparison website, said now is a good time for households to assess their homes as the freezing weather bites.

"A quick look at the roof will give them a clue," she stated. "If the snow has melted then heat is needlessly escaping."

Ms Greenfield suggested getting in touch with the local council to check eligibility for grants, as households with residents aged 70 or over qualify for a 100 per cent grant for insulation.

"These things only need to be done once, and can pay for themselves within a couple of years," she stressed.

Posted by Thomas Morris

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