Homeowners given DIY health warning

Homeowners given DIY health warningHomeowners have been urged to consider their health and that of their families when carrying out DIY projects on their properties.

Glen Irwin, sustainability director at design and engineering consultancy Gifford, said ventilation and air quality should be key considerations.

He explained that in an effort to improve energy efficiency by sealing windows or laying loft insulation, for example, homeowners can actually create other problems within their home.

These could include condensation, damp, unpleasant odours and humidity.

"From my own perspective, I am finding that I am chasing the damp around the house," Mr Irwin remarked.

"I have insulated the floors, insulated the loft, put in new double glazing, sealed the building up and now I have got condensation forming on the walls."

He said it is important to think about the entire home and pre-empt the possible consequences of each DIY project before going ahead with it.

"Try and pre-empt that you are going to have an air-quality humidity issue and then put other interventions in to deal with that," the expert advised.

Posted by Thomas Morris

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