Many DIY tasks 'easy to do'

Many DIY tasks 'easy to do'Those new to DIY have been told that many home improvement tasks are actually very easy to carry out.

Jason Orme, editor of Homebuilding & Renovating magazine, said anyone can do DIY, provided they approach projects with confidence and equip themselves with basic knowledge.

"It is incredibly rewarding to do it and you are obviously saving money in the process," he pointed out.

His comments come after research from Spaceslide revealed that 61 per cent of Brits are more likely to tackle simply home improvements now than they were five years ago.

Mr Orme acknowledged that some jobs are left to professionals, while others must be law be carried out by certified engineers, such as gas repairs for example.

However, he insisted: "There is a surprising amount that you can actually do yourself that you think maybe you can't.

"As long as you have got a bit of knowledge and a bit of confidence, then they are very easy to carry out."

Posted by Jenny Summer

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