DIY skills becoming a lost art

DIY - lets-do-diy.comA survey by the AA has revealed that DIY skills are known by fewer men today than their fathers or grandfathers. According to the results, only 32% of men under-25 were able to fix the last practical task they encountered in their home, compared with 55% of under-35s and 83% of over-55s.

If the trend continues then 20% fewer men will know basic DIY skills by 2030 and home improvement could cease to be practised by 2048. The conclusion is that men prefer studying technology skills rather than learning how to fix a leaking tap or build a cupboard.

Tony Blue of explains that the popularity of DIY websites goes some way to support this view. "In the past young men were taught the essential DIY skills by their fathers. This is no longer the case. Instead they have to use other sources, such as websites and books."

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