Good design can make small kitchens feel spacious

Kitchen Design - lets-do-diy.comWith the UK population expected to be 70 million by 2030, it's likely that space will become even more of a premium for us in the future. Yet all is not lost. Through intelligent design, space can be created in our kitchens - even in the smallest of areas.

Designer Will Hustler of the Kitchen Design Centre has worked on many such challenges and believes innovative solutions is the answer to space issues.

He explained how his last project brought out the best in the kitchen, "Rather than altering the actual shape of the room, the design makes utilities easier to access as well as the sink being slightly reduced in size."

Even if you intend to install the kitchen yourself it could still be worth talking to design companies to see what ideas they put forward. After all, ‘he who fails to plan, plans to fail' as they say.

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