The DIYers cartoon is a year old!

The DIYers 1 YearIn January 2010 DIY website commissioned a front page cartoon by cartoonist Millsy to poke fun at the habits and mistakes of do-it-yourself enthusiasts the world over.

Featuring the hapless Bernard Bernard, his long-suffering wife Margaret, son Bernard Jr. and family cat Fluffy, the cartoon has just celebrated its first year featuring on the homepage.

"It's a popular part of the website," explains Tony Blue of, "we get many repeat visitors who want to keep following the adventures of the Bernard family. I think it strikes a chord with many people."

A recent poll on the website recorded that over 83% of people thought the cartoon was ‘very funny' or ‘liked it'.

In response, Millsy said, "I'm glad it's proved to be popular. I've had many people ask me who my inspiration for the Bernard is. I'd like to say ‘my dad' but he'd sue me."

To take a look visit:

Or to see other cartoons by Millsy visit:

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