The brand new Bosch Quigo helping you achieve your level best

Is it your decorating dream to banish wobbly lines from your paintwork and easily hang pieces of wall paper on that feature wall? Well, worry no more as the brand new laser levelling Quigo from Bosch Power Tools is here to save the day.

Easy to follow horizontal and vertical red laser lines ensure you never have to worry about wonky lines ever again. Whether you are hanging your pictures in a row or getting to grips with wall stencils, effortlessly line up your project using the Bosch Quigo to guarantee professional results.

With a little help from the Quigo there are no limits to your design creativity. However wild your creative ideas are, from decorating a feature wall to crafting your own mosaic in the bathroom, the simple to use Quigo can help make them a reality! Just set it up, switch it on, and off you go!

Simply slide open the protective cover and the Quigo projects laser lines up to five meters away from the walls to guide you. These precision laser lines allow you to easily mask off coloured areas, apply wall transfers, cut in precision straight lines or mark out drill holes. And unlike a regular spirit level, you can do all this without having to constantly reposition the tool. Not only that, if you think tiles are only for the experts, think again: even geometric tiling is a breeze with a little planning and the hands-free Quigo.

The Quigo can be set to exactly the required height in no time. Use the supplied clamp to quickly fix the Quigo to chair backs, stepladders, doors or shelves and with the swivel arm you can make final adjustments. The clamp holds the Bosch Quigo firmly in position and does not leave any marks even on delicate surfaces.

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