Solar panelling a brighter investment as feed in tariffs go up

Energy experts BSOLAR are advising people to install solar panels now, following the government increasing the financial incentives for going green.

The government has been running the Clean Energy Cash Back scheme, which guarantees homeowners money for the energy they generate from solar panels, for the last year.

The government has announced they will increase this financial incentive in line with inflation. The tariff they offer for renewable energy generated will now be 43.3p per KWh rising from 41.3p per. This will come into effect for all current installations and any new installations made in the coming months, and is guaranteed for 25 years.

Peter Bladen director of BSOLAR said: "It pays to be green. An average solar panel system costs around £10,000 and under the government scheme this will pay for itself in less than 10 years, then continue to give you a guaranteed income of around £1000 a year.

"The income is also on energy generated, irrelevant of its use in the home. This means that the homeowner will also get free electricity during the day when the solar panels are generating power."

Peter Bladen added: "The Government are talking about reviewing the current scheme and my advice to anyone considering purchasing solar panels is to make hay while the sun shines! If you get panels installed in the near future you will still qualify for the generous feed in tariff rate which is guaranteed for 25 years."

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