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    Buying a new home likely to save homeowners money

    As the cost of living continues to rise, people thinking about moving home may find considering buying a new home the best option. Today's new homes are built to the latest building regulations and are likely to be more energy efficient, saving homeowners money. With modern heating systems and better insulation, new homes can use up to 50% less energy than older homes, resulting in lower running costs.
    NHBC, the UK's leading consumer protection body for the home building industry, which celebrates its 75th anniversary in 2011, has worked consistently to raise the construction standards of new homes and provide protection for new homebuyers. NHBC highlights why buying a new home is becoming ever more popular:

    • A blank canvas - A new home is a blank page, meaning no decorating disasters from previous owners to deal with. Buyers can start from scratch in the garden too, designing and planting as they wish.
    • Chain free - Spiralling house prices and long chains can be extremely stressful; because there is no chain when buying a new home, it allows buyers to sell current homes in their own time and often move in when ready.
    • Lower running costs - New homes are built to better insulation standards and have more efficient heating systems than ever before; greater energy efficiency means lower heating bills and a reduction in carbon emissions
    • Ten-year warranty - Eighty percent of new homes come with an NHBC ten-year warranty, which currently protect 1.6million homes across the UK; NHBC's world leading Buildmark warranty protects homeowners by giving:
      • Pre-completion insolvency cover
        Protection if a builder become insolvent after an exchange of contract 
      • Builder cover for the first two years after completion
        The builder is responsible for putting right certain damage and defects 
      • NHBC cover for homes in years three to ten of ownership
        Insurance  covering the cost of putting right damage caused by defects in specified areas, such as damage to floors, staircases, roofs, drains, windows and doors 
    • Higher satisfaction - Homeowner satisfaction is NHBC's priority. Results from the latest industry survey on new home customer satisfaction, facilitated by NHBC, found that nine out of ten new homeowners (88%) were satisfied with the overall quality of their home, with a similarly high proportion (86%) saying they would recommend their home builder to a friend.
    • More protection - With the industry, NHBC has developed the 'Consumer Code for Home Builders'. The purpose of the Code is to improve customer satisfaction levels further amongst new home buyers by ensuring that all buyers are treated fairly, that they are fully informed about their purchase and their consumer rights before and after they move in, and that they are provided with a suitable redress scheme to deal with complaints.  More information about the Code can be found at www.consumercodeforhomebuilders.com.
    • Security - It is important for owners to know their home is safe, especially for those with families. In addition to using fire resistant materials, house builders install smoke detectors as standard and robust locks on front and back doors. There are no worries with old and loose wiring, as electrical circuits in new homes are designed to meet the demands of today's lifestyles.
    • DIY free Sundays - New homes require less maintenance and few repairs than older homes; areas commonly requiring attention, such as window frames and skirting boards are at the start of their life span
    • Incentive schemes -The Government, and some local councils and house builders,  operate homebuyer incentive schemes to encourage people to purchase new build homes, such as part exchanges on old houses, the payment of stamp duty, removal costs and part-funded deposits. Many developers offer to build ‘off plan' too, meaning homeowners buying early before the house is built choose their desired plot and often tailor the house to their individual needs.

    N.B. The information contained in this story is provided by the supplier and does not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of lets-do-diy.com.

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