Need for conveyancers increases as sellers return to the market

There looks set to be greater demand for conveyancing services in the coming months with the news that increasing numbers of homeowners are choosing to put their homes up for sale.

According to the April survey of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), 18% more chartered surveyors reported a rise in new instructions rather than a fall, compared to only 4% more in March. Although spring has long been a busier period for the property market, the group suggested that the more stable house prices of recent months may be encouraging more sellers to return to the market, whilst good weather led to more buyers making viewings.

Another encouraging statistic for homeowners attempting to sell their properties was that demand also appears to be on the increase, with new buyer enquiries having moved out of negative territory for the first time in ten months. Taken together, these developments suggest that more homeowners will seek conveyancing for selling a house over the next few months. Indeed, the increased competition recently from the greater number of properties appearing on the market only increases the importance of a fast home selling process rather than one that is continually stalled by snags over vital paperwork.

The news follows the 30% growth in leads generated in January to March 2011 compared to the same period last year on the property services comparison site, Local Surveyors Direct, which has welcomed the RICS survey as a positive development for its conveyancing clients. The site is a vital tool for prospective sellers in need of instant, fast and direct access to a wide range of property services.

JJ Heath-Caldwell, founder of Local Surveyors Direct commented: "We always welcome signs of an improvement in the property market, and indeed, following the recent news of an increase in mortgage approvals, RICS' April survey only confirms what we have long suspected - that the wide range of conveyancers that we have listed on Local Surveyors Direct are set to receive a real boost thanks to an increase in people looking to sell their home. Conveyancing is such a vital part of the process of selling a home, and our service allows homeowners to access instant quotes from a wide range of reputable conveyancers."

Local Surveyors Direct takes the hassle out of finding a suitable conveyancer for selling a home, as homeowners are able to simply enter their details, such as their name and postcode, into an easy to use online form before being presented with a long list of conveyancing quotes from local professionals. This removes the guesswork out of determining the right conveyancing service for their individual needs, resulting in the quicker sale of their home.

The website also allows homeowners looking to sell their property to quickly obtain initial estimates from reputable estate agents, further minimising the stress associated with the home selling process.

To find out more about the conveyancing services for selling a property that Local Surveyors Direct has to offer, just visit

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