Brace yourself for another cold winter with Verdo Briquettes

With up to one million UK homes now using log burning stoves, wood burners or multi-fuel stoves - finding a cost effective, reliable fuel source is essential. And as the winter months draw closer, keeping the open fire stoked can be costly. Experts are predicting another freezing cold and snowy winter this year, increasing the need to be prepared. Add to that the predicted 11% rise for electricity and 18% rise for gas bills, and finding cheaper alternatives becomes a serious business .

Step forward Verdo renewable wood briquettes - which burn for twice as long as traditional logs and are sourced from renewable, managed wood supplies. One pallet of Verdo briquettes - which costs less than £300 delivered to your home - has the same output as 10m3 seasoned wood which would cost approx. £800 or 500L of heating oil which costs over £300 but creates more serious carbon emissions than wood burning and is, of course not sustainable.

Ideal for open fireplaces and wood burning or multi-fuel stoves, Verdo wood briquettes are more eco-friendly, convenient and cost effective than logs or coal. The briquettes are clean, compact, can be split by hand and create minimum levels of ash (typically less than 1%) so less cleaning up is needed. And they donʼt leave that black soot on the glass door of your wood burner either - much less cleaning time needed! Managing Director at Verdo, Richard Smith comments:

"Many people donʼt realise the saving they could be making by swapping their normal logs for wood briquettes. One of our pallets will last the average consumer a whole year and is the same weight as five bags of logs - but burns for twice as long.

Not only do they offer a more cost effective way of heating your home but they are also much cleaner too - less ash and minimal marking on appliance glass doors. Itʼs still a fairly new option in the UK but is well established in Scandinavia, a region which knows all about how to keep warm."

Verdo manufactures 30,000 tonnes of wood briquettes from sustainable virgin timber at plants in Andover, Hampshire and Grangemouth, Scotland.

N.B. The information contained in this story is provided by the supplier and does not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of

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