A clear way to reduce energy bills

As UK households prepare for whatever this year's autumn and winter weather has in store and widely predicted increases in energy costs there's one clear cost effective way for many to reduce their quarterly bills.

Secondary glazing, or in some cases third glazing, represents one of the easiest and cheapest ways to insulate a home against the elements and can reduce bills by up to 20% with Ecoease leading the way in providing a solution.

Recently featured in a host of national newspapers and on BBC Radio 2, Ecoease secondary glazing is the only system available in the UK to be manufactured from fire retardant, high strength PET. Otherwise known as Polyester, it is also used for aircraft windows and drinks bottles.

It can be easily fitted to the inside of window frames in minutes using Ecoease's magnetic tape and can be taken down in seconds when not required. A measured to fit solution (M2F) can be ordered at www.ecoease.co.uk and on partner retail sites such as www.uswitch.com and www.nigelsecostore.com that reduces the workload to an absolute minimum. It is also a perfect fit for the owners of Listed properties and costs around 10-15% of conventional double or triple glazing.

It's not just domestic households that are benefiting from Ecoease secondary glazing. A growing number of commercial and ‘third sector' organisations are recognising the merits of installation including the All Souls Clubhouse, an independent charity based in London W1 that serves as a hub for community groups in the area.

All Souls Community worker Wilf Parsons explained: "We operate out of a Listed building with sash windows so double glazing was, therefore, not an option. We looked at a few secondary glazing options and decided that Ecoease provided the most cost effective and aesthetically pleasing solution with an environmental performance to match.

"In addition its fire retardation properties, unlike most other secondary glazing options, have played a part in us retaining our fire safety certification. I would definitely recommend Ecoease!" added Wilf.

N.B. The information contained in this story is provided by the supplier and does not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of lets-do-diy.com.

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