Mira Platinum Dual – the latest in luxury showering

The latest digital model from the UK's No.1 shower manufacturer is the ultimate in luxury showering technology.

Description: Mira platinum new colour dry shot 2Description: Mira_Platinum Dual Photo1The newly launched Mira Platinum Dual is designed to offer a multi outlet showering experience where the deluge head and handset can be used independently or in unison. The innovative design allows users to divert the water flow from the large luxury chrome 250mm deluge head to the stylish 360 multi-mode showerhead for ultimate practicality, and for a full drenching flow they can be easily switched to work together. Platinum Dual also comes with a bath fill option, allowing users with a tub to have the flexibility of both shower and bath fill. With Platinum Dual bath fill mode there's no need for taps, creating a clean minimalist look.

The stylish shower, designed in response to growing consumer demand for digital solutions, can be pre-programmed to provide precise temperature and flow control with LCD feedback, whilst additional wireless controllers* mean that the shower can even be turned on from outside of the bathroom for added luxury. The thermostatic shower can be programmed to warm up to the desired temperature and will then pause to save water, ready to be reactivated upon stepping into the shower. Platinum Dual also offers a maximum temperature setting, a safety feature which limits the temperature making it the ideal choice for families with young children.

For those looking to save water and money on their energy bills, Mira Platinum Dual also has an eco-mode to ensure the water flow is moderated. Additional benefits include a digital clock display and a shower timer setting, so that you can keep track of how long you're spending in the shower and regulate your water usage, as well as ensuring that you're never late for work again!

Mira Platinum comes with the innovative Mira 360m showerhead which features Flipstream TechnologyTM, a completely unique flipping mechanism that allows you to alternate between the four different spray patterns by rotating on its axis for the best possible shower, as well as providing a stylish look for any modern bathroom.

This minimal cutting-edge shower is quick, flexible and unobtrusive to install as well as simple to use. Mira Platinum Dual comes with a choice of fittings which allow the water supply to be either rear or ceiling fed, and there are options for either high pressure or pumped systems.

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