Grouphomesafe launches ‘Good, better, best’ guide

Door and window component specialist grouphomesafe has introduced a fabricators' guide which grades its products into good, better and best value categories, branded ‘Optim', ‘Maxim' and ‘Ultim'. The guide covers of all of the group's products and brands including handles, locks, hinges, seals, balances and reinforcement.

Explaining how the guide works, Nick Moss of Grouphomesafe says: "Rather than being a technical data sheet or simply a product catalogue, this publication gives an overview of our product range with information on comparative performance. Split by product group, the aim is to help our fabricator customers to identify the key features and benefits of each product variant so that, in turn, they can differentiate their offer. Optim, for example, is ideal for a door or window range that a fabricator might want to portray as offering excellent value for money, whereas Maxim and Ultim components could be applied to doors and windows to give different degrees of enhanced performance. Therefore the guide can help a fabricator to identify the door and window components that best match their required product positioning and pricing.

"The guide clearly demonstrates the extent of the Grouphomesafe product range and the unique opportunities we can offer our customers to differentiate their products, whether supplying to trade or installing themselves."

Introduced at the FIT Show, copies of the guide are now available from Grouphomesafe's sales team. For more information on grouphomesafe companies and products, visit

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