Advice given on energy-efficient home improvements

Energy Saving - lets-do-diy.comThere are a number of cost-effective and simple home improvements which can significantly improve a property's energy efficiency.

In comments that could be of interest to DIY enthusiasts, suggests there are various steps that can be taken to cut down on the amount of energy lost in the home.

One such way is fitting radiator heat reflective foil to prevent heat disappearing through walls, while installing foam door and window draught seals can also be effective.

The price comparison website also suggests a letterbox cover can also help to reduce wasting energy.

"All of these items are easy to fit and will save you a bundle in the long run," shopping expert Simon James claims, as he points out they can all be carried out "without splashing too much cash".

Such guidance on eco friendly DIY projects following recent research showing that about three-quarters of Britons claim they would be more likely to invest in energy efficiency measures if they were recommended to do so on their utility bill statements.

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