Artist gets to grips with DIY shed project

DIY Shed Project - lets-do-diy.comAlthough the paintbrush and pen are the tools normally associated with artists, one has spoken to the Guardian of his skills with hammer and screwdriver.

In an interview with the publication, London-based artist Malcolm Temple reveals how he decided that he wanted his own shed after moving to a new house in Acton.

However, he was unhappy with the ramshackle outbuilding already in place and after knocking it down, he opted to construct a new shed - built to his own specific design.

With the DIY project taking him three months to complete - and the work consistently struck by persistent rain - Temple claims that the shed has been insulated using polystyrene letters that were being thrown away by a window-dressing manufacturer.

Meanwhile, Sally Coulthard wrote in a recently Times article that a garden shed can not only expand the total amount of space within a property, but it can also "add modestly" to the overall value of a home.

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