'Be aware' of subsidence damage

Subsidence Damage - lets-do-diy.comWith the summer months here, homeowners are being urged by one price comparison site to check their properties for any cracks that may appear.

As the Met Office predicts that this summer will result in above average temperatures, moneysupermarket.com warns Britons to keep an eye out for subsidence damage.

"The hot weather can cause the ground beneath a property to dry out and become unstable and homes with trees nearby are more at risk of subsidence as roots grow in search of water during dry spells, taking moisture from the soil," Steve Sweeney, head of home insurance for the price comparison site, claims.

As such, DIY enthusiasts may be interested to hear the site's advice that any damaged or leaking drains are repaired, while any trees located close to a home should be pruned on a regular basis.

Draughtproofing may be another home improvement task people wish to bear in mind, as Kara Gammell wrote in a recent Daily Telegraph article that about a fifth of all heat lost in a property is as a result of such gaps.

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